This weekend I went to SIMOF ( Salon Internacional de Moda Flamenca).  These aren’t flamenco dresses that flamenco dancers wear, but rather the dresses that Sevillan women wear the week of the Spring Feria.  At SIMOF, the designers showcase their line of dresses for the year.  If you’re a well-off Sevillana, you might buy a new dress every year or every other year! (These aren’t cheap, we’re talking hundreds to thousands of euros).  I’d say the average woman has one or two dresses–let’s be honest, they might come out with new dresses every year, but the styles are always more or less the same–lots of ruffles!!!

Even though these are different than what bailaoras wear to dance in, I’ve looked at the photos from SIMOF every year to get inspiration for designing the dresses I dance in.  As many of you know, my mom and I design my dresses together, and then she skillfully carries out the designs–which is no easy feat!

Needless to say, it was pretty exciting to be at SIMOF in person and not looking at the photos of the fashion shows the day after they happen.  So, here’s some photos from the exposition hall (most designers don’t let you take photos, but I managed to get in enough):

Buttons and ruffles!


For your hair!


Some awesome earrings….


These are “eco” feria dresses made from recycled materials and fabric. Very cool!


Love this dress!


Great colors


Hand embroidered shawl.


Polka dots!!!!!







Too many earring to count!


I also went to one runway show, Rosalia Zahíno and Encarnación Solá.  My friend Ellen and I bought the ticket at random, but loved it.  It wasn’t just traditional feria dresses, but lots of outrageous and risque feria dresses, with the theme of fairy tales running throughout the show.  These aren’t dresses that would be worn at the actual Feria–they are a bit too outrageous, but it made for a great fashion show. The designers told a story on the catwalk, which was pretty cool and unexpected. Here’s some photos:
The catwalk…
Apparently this is supposed to be Alice in Wonderland…like I said–risque.


Little Red Riding Hood


Robin Hood. I want this dress. If I were to buy a Feria dress, this would be the one!


One of the evil step sisters of Cinderella.


Pirate Feria dress!


This is supposed to be the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.  Again, risque…


Taking the Feria dress to extremes….