28 09, 2020

Searching for profundity


The value of doing the same dance over and over and over:   People often talk smack about Soledad Barrios because she’s been dancing the same solo for 20+ years. But so did Carmen Amaya. Watch her videos – same [...]

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12 08, 2019

The Sea and Compás


“Aprendí a bailar con las olas del Somorrostro, a mí me enseñó a bailar el mar…” --Carmen Amaya (“I learned to dance with the waves of the Somorrostro (beach in Barcelona), the sea taught me to dance...") Carmen Amaya. [...]

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8 02, 2018



I think artists often get pigeon-holed by audiences, critics, and even their peers. And I think that sucks. Big time. I've heard through the grapevine that people talk about my shows as "out-there contemporary stuff" that they're not interested in. [...]

25 01, 2018

Lineage–it’s a two way street


Lineage in dance, and particularly in oral dance traditions, carries a great deal of weight. Without respect for those that passed the traditions on to us, we lose the essence of the art form. And without allowing our students to [...]

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24 02, 2017

An artist’s life for me….


I remember hearing one of my mentors once say to someone else, she's been extremely lucky in her career. At the time, I thought to myself, luck has nothing to do with it. She has worked her butt off, she [...]

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