Searching for profundity

The value of doing the same dance over and over and over:   People often talk smack about Soledad Barrios because she’s been dancing the same solo for 20+ years. But so did Carmen Amaya. Watch her videos – same [...]

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What flamenco offers…

Flamenco has community & dialogue built into its core. It’s always interesting to me to see the ways that modern dance contrives programs so that it builds community and dialogue. I deeply admire much of this type of work (think [...]

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Rebuilding Confidence

I’ve struggled with confidence throughout my dancing career. And the thing is, when you don’t have confidence, people will easily tear you down. When you’re unsure of yourself, it’s hard to convince others to put faith in you, which can [...]

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Time to Pause

For those of us who don’t want to jump on the online train… As studios and dancers immediately adjusted to our world shifting online, I took a step back. I am teaching my college courses online, but instead of keeping [...]

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The Sea and Compás

“Aprendí a bailar con las olas del Somorrostro, a mí me enseñó a bailar el mar…” --Carmen Amaya (“I learned to dance with the waves of the Somorrostro (beach in Barcelona), the sea taught me to dance...")       [...]

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Mini No-Manifesto

No to compartmentalization. No to unsustainability. No to quick, meaningless ways of working.   No to compartmentalization: In the past semester—as I planned a symposium, worked on a performance piece, started plans for a performance series in Cleveland, taught and [...]

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