5 09, 2016

What’s in a name?


People constantly ask me why I don't use a more "flamenco" stage name. In fact, just the other day, while handing a supporter and friend a flyer for an upcoming show, she asked when I was going to use something [...]

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9 03, 2015

Keeping In Touch With Spain


As a flamenco dancer, travel is part of our job, particularly travel to Spain. When I reminisce about Spain, I talk about the beautifully colorful streets, the sunny weather, the jamón, the olive oil, the wine. I miss the day [...]

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23 02, 2014

The dilemma of finding flamenco shoes


A well-worn pair of my flamenco shoes. Other than our bodies, the shoes we wear are our most important tool of the trade and a musical instrument. They are works of artisan handicraft on top of that. My very first [...]

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9 09, 2013

A taste of Andalucía in Albuquerque….


It suddenly hit me while waiting to catch my plane to NYC last Sunday night that just the day before I had successfully produced, directed, choreographed (and sold out--albeit a small theater) my first show. Although I've performed hundreds of [...]

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3 09, 2013

The adventures continue…


I have decided to keep up my flamenco blogging even now that I am in the United States.  This blog will follow my adventures in flamenco--wherever they lead me, across the U.S. and hopefully back to Spain in the not [...]

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4 08, 2013

The real world


"In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm... in the real world all rests on perseverance.--GoetheDancing at Peña Niño Alfalfa earlier this year.  then again, "Everything you can imagine is real." --Pablo PicassoTo say the least this year has been a [...]

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