24 04, 2020

Rebuilding Confidence


I’ve struggled with confidence throughout my dancing career. And the thing is, when you don’t have confidence, people will easily tear you down. When you’re unsure of yourself, it’s hard to convince others to put faith in you, which can [...]

Rebuilding Confidence2020-04-25T13:02:50+00:00
12 11, 2014

How’s the floor today?


When we get to a new theater, one of the first things we ask is, "How is the floor?" It's kind of like asking how the weather is. If one of the dancers has a chance to see the stage [...]

How’s the floor today?2023-02-01T03:56:42+00:00
15 04, 2014

The problem with instant gratification


In the 21st century, with Facebook and Instagram and all the other social media sites, we've gotten used to instant gratification. We post a picture of ourselves, what we're eating, something funny, etc., and immediately at least a dozen people [...]

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29 03, 2014



Most flamencos know the frustration when an audiences tries to clap along with the complicated flamenco rhythms. This ocurred last night during the opening number of the performance, an intricate seguiriya rhythm. I thought to myself, uh-oh, hopefully they can't keep [...]

23 03, 2014

“Are any of you married to each other?”


Here's a question we've received a couple of times at school shows: are you family/related? Or the title of this post, which we got after the show in Kilmarnock, VA. I laughed a bit at that question, but it really [...]

“Are any of you married to each other?”2023-02-01T04:00:47+00:00
16 03, 2014

The Twilight Zone


There's this amazing thing that happens when you travel almost every day, you lose every sense of time and place. Is it Monday? Or Wednesday? Where were we yesterday? What did I eat for lunch today? It all just seems [...]

The Twilight Zone2018-01-11T20:55:50+00:00
14 03, 2014

Pre-Performance Warm Up & Rituals


The curtain rises and Isaac steps into the pool of light downstage in silence. His feet graze the floor as his sharp turns signal the beginning of Mujeres, the first piece in the show. Gaspar's guitar begins with a slow [...]

Pre-Performance Warm Up & Rituals2023-02-01T04:01:23+00:00
11 03, 2014

Day off + travel day…and what keeps me sane


On Sunday, we finally had a day off. Woohoo! So what do we do on a day off? Sleep in, do laundry--hooray, no more stinky rehearsal clothes!, pack the company suitcases, pack our own suitcases, run errands, and before we [...]

Day off + travel day…and what keeps me sane2023-02-01T04:02:04+00:00
3 03, 2014

Packing for Tour


How do you pack for a month long tour that includes weather with lows predicted in the single digits (upstate NY) and highs around 80 degrees (Palm Beach, FL)? This is how: This was my room while I was in [...]

Packing for Tour2023-02-01T04:03:09+00:00