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Flamenco Music & Dance Company

ABREPASO Flamenco is a Northeast Ohio and Cleveland area based flamenco music and dance performing arts and educational company.

ABREPASO creates honest flamenco dance that provokes the audience to think, feel, question, and remember our shared humanity. The name ABREPASO comes from the Spanish phrase “abrir paso,” which can signify making or paving the way and breaking open space. The company, currently based in Ohio, aims to establish a contemporary approach to flamenco in the United States, breaking down boundaries and stereotypes through professional, quality performances and education.

To remain veracious, flamenco has always drawn from the cultures that surround it and the personal experiences of the performers; ABREPASO does the same to connect with audiences and stay true to the art form’s limitless capacity for personal expression.

ABREPASO relies on the presence of its members and intensive collaborative processes to develop a repertory that unfurls unique stories relevant to 21st century audiences. The members of ABREPASO delve into their lived experiences and corporal knowledge to create meaningful performances and to connect with the community.

Alice Blumenfeld founded Abrepaso in 2016 as a platform for her vision of flamenco as a limitless and relevant art form to take shape. Blumenfeld combines her extensive knowledge of flamenco and dance with her passion for poetic movement to guide the company.

Various cultures formed flamenco in an atmosphere of repression, struggle, and conflict; the art form continuously evolves as its universality can express the deepest human emotions and allows participants to share their own individual stories.

Alice Blumenfeld

Artistic Director

Alice Blumenfeld holds an MFA in dance from Hollins University and a BA in Comparative Literature from New York University. She received a Fulbright Grant for research in flamenco choreography. Since 2013 she has created five evening length performances, and her choreography has been featured at festivals across the United States. Her current work uses techniques of improvisation to explore how processes of translation open space for multiple times, places, and perspectives to interact, and how improvisation functions as a means to presence, affect, and non-linguistic forms of knowledge. In 2016, she formed the company Abrepaso as a platform for her limitless and relevant vision of flamenco to take shape. Blumenfeld toured nationally and worked as a teaching artist with Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana since 2009. She has worked with a range of dance companies, including; Nélida Tirado, Jácome Flamenco, EntreFlamenco, The American Bolero Dance Co., Grammy Award winner Hernán Romero, and many others.

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