7 05, 2016



What makes a good marcaje? First, let's start off by defining that word within the flamenco context. For me, it's any step that holds time, or marks time. Unlike ballet, flamenco does not name every step--in flamenco, a step's purpose [...]

17 02, 2016

Some thoughts on technique…


It's said that in Madrid, dancers have technique and no art, and in the south (Andalucía), dancers have art but no technique. Now, I would not say that statement is 100% true, but it does not come out of nowhere. [...]

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17 09, 2015



Last night at a gig, a colleague mentioned to me that guru actually means someone who brings you out of the darkness. According to the dictionary, guru "(in Hinduism and Buddhism) is a spiritual teacher, especially one who imparts initiation." [...]

9 08, 2015

Always Learning


I love that as a flamenco dancer, I never stop learning. At the same time, that can be a challenge. There is always more to learn, and to keep my dancing exciting--for myself and an audience--I have to keep challenging myself.   [...]

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4 08, 2015

Dance is a journey


My technique teacher from last week, Ami Shulman, brought up a beautiful quotation from a Jewish proverb: she said, “You are closer to your destination on your journey to get there than when you actually arrive.”  At the end of [...]

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22 06, 2015

Expanding my dancing universe


I'm now two weeks in to graduate school. It feels like a LOT longer than that (in a good way). I have learned so much about dancing, the dance world, myself, my body, and so much for in just two [...]

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6 06, 2015

Why an MFA?


Understanding how to be a better performer, choreographer, and teacher is why I am pursuing an MFA. I guess that's a bit broad, but it is why I've decided to go on this adventure. In studying dance at the graduate [...]

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29 05, 2015

It’s all about attitude


It can be really hard to have a great attitude 100% of the time.  Things are not always perfect in the dance world, and it's easy to let difficult situations get the most of us. All I want at the [...]

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29 04, 2015

Resting the Body and Feeding the Soul


A moment during Sueños Flamencos at The Outpost Performance Space.I've been going non-stop since January. Beginning with shows the first week of the year at APAP (Association of Performing Arts Presenters) Conference, then on to gigs and teaching, then seven weeks [...]

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