Dancers know the struggle for balance very well:Dancer working on balance on an unstable base. Balance requires strength and control. But I am not talking about exercises on balance boards or landing a triple pirouette. Life as a dance artist [...]

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An artist’s life for me….

I remember hearing one of my mentors once say to someone else, she's been extremely lucky in her career. At the time, I thought to myself, luck has nothing to do with it. She has worked her butt off, she [...]

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Self-producing a performance

I self produced the recent performances of (Des)Encaracolarse at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. What exactly does that mean? I initiated the project, I took full financial responsibility for the project, I gathered the team, found the venue, did the publicity, [...]

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What’s in a name?

A Blumenfeld in Andalucía constantly ask me why I don't use a more "flamenco" stage name. In fact, just the other day, while handing a supporter and friend a flyer for an upcoming show, she asked when I was [...]

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Esferas; Turn to Movement

I wanted to share the link to New York University's Spring publication of Esferas, published by the Spanish and Portuguese Department and edited by Professor Lourdes Dávila. This issue is all about movement and language, and I had the honor [...]

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What makes a good marcaje? First, let's start off by defining that word within the flamenco context. For me, it's any step that holds time, or marks time. Unlike ballet, flamenco does not name every step--in flamenco, a step's purpose [...]

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Flamenco spaces

A couple of flamenco dance friends and I were talking about the lack of nice studio space in Sevilla on a recent afternoon. Most of the studios available to rent for rehearsals are small, dark, full of dust, with uneven [...]

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When getting yelled at in class is a good thing…

Merche Esmeralda--where to begin!? After my first class with her, I was flipping out; she walks in with her poofy short hair, ties it up in a scrunchy, sits down with a bastón (cane), closes her eyes and thinks through [...]

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Contemporary flamenco?

Isn't anyone alive today considered 'contemporary?'There are artists that push the limits, and those that want to simply uphold the traditions. Both are valid, as is everything in between. (Note: to push boundaries, you have to know the traditions that [...]

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Some thoughts on technique…

It's said that in Madrid, dancers have technique and no art, and in the south (Andalucía), dancers have art but no technique. Now, I would not say that statement is 100% true, but it does not come out of nowhere. [...]

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