Vacío/Void explores flamenco’s fundamental connection to nature and the natural landscape. The title refers to the spaces in-between an individual and everything else–be it other beings or the natural world. Using moving set pieces, the performers create an ever-changing landscape that questions how a fragment can represent the whole, and how all the pieces of an ecosystem entangle and come together.  Using improvised movement scores, flamenco, and new music compositions by  Lauren Valerie Coons the work uses Rachel Carson’s writings as a point of departure. 

All photos by Daniel Tang

Promo Video


Lauren V. Coons


Misael Barraza Díaz


Meagan Chandler

vocalist & songwriter

Original cast members

Lydia Gallegos, Olivia Marín, Johnathan McVey, Ysabela Trujillo, Kimberly White, Marissa Zagone

Set design

Vic Browder & Natalee Maxwell