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The work explores the voids that thwart us from seeing our own interconnectedness to others and nature. Using environmentalist Rachel Carson’s work as a starting point, the flamenco-based movements and new music develop a dynamic approach to the figurative and literal voids we experience in our lives. The work explores new ways of improvising and communicating between flamenco’s highly structured improvisation and improvisatory scores in classical music. This project is a collaboration with composer Lauren Valerie Coons 


All photos by Daniel Tang


Lauren V. Coons


Misael Barraza Díaz


Meagan Chandler

vocalist & songwriter

Original cast members

Lydia Gallegos, Olivia Marín, Johnathan McVey, Ysabela Trujillo, Kimberly White, Marissa Zagone

Set design

Vic Browder & Natalee Maxwell