Lauren Valerie Coons is an Albuquerque-based composer, dancer, and intermedia artist. Coons has written and performed original works for the UNM Health Sciences Center Orchestra, the UNM Art Museum, and New Music New Mexico and has had her work performed at the John Donald Robb Composers’ Symposium as the recipient of the 2016 Scott Wilkinson Composition Award. Coons holds a dual concentration Master of Music degree in Music Theory & Composition, and Musicology from the University of New Mexico. Her project, Tree Being, is an on-going community-based work exploring what it means to simply “be” with a tree and its complex ecology. Drawn from a creative investigation of trees in the Albuquerque area, Tree Being consists of solo and collaborative works in the form of music, dance, writing, and visual art and photography. Abrepaso commissioned her work for Vacío/Void. More on her project: