Pellizco is both an installation and live performance piece that plays with the traces of dance and the mechanization of rhythm and the moving body. It investigates how we hold rhythms in our every day activities, and how rhythm helps societies and cultures from dissolving in the globalized world. It questions time, the doubling of the self, and what it means to perform.

Working across their two disciplines and cultures—dance and sculpture, Spain and Cuba, Paloma Izquierdo and Alice Blumenfeld began work in October of 2018 as In Process resident artists at the National YoungArts Foundation in Miami, FL. YoungArts chooses two artists who apply separately to pair together. They had never met before the residency and immediately found common ground in the following themes: what it means to stage and perform; how social situations build everyday habits; and how objects can choreograph, be choreographed, and interact with a live performance; how we create sound atmospheres and how the audience can “feel” the rhythms, how a solo dance can be a duet without another person, and how we can mechanize rhythms and make visible the residue of dance performance. During the 1-week residency with YoungArts, they created the first rendition of Pellizco. 

Pellizco was originally developed during a residency at the National YoungArts Foundation, Miami, FL October 20-27, 2018.