This contemporary flamenco concert for guitar, singing, percussion, accordion, and dance sketches the streets of Sevilla through music and dance. Featuring an international cast of musicians recreate the ambience of Sevilla in a cabaret setting. The musical styles include traditional flamenco songs, American-folk music, Spanish-inspired jazz—all relating back to modern day Sevilla. Sounds of flamenco singing from an apartment overhead, a street musician’s accordion around the corner, sounds of horses’ hooves on cobblestones, cathedral bells atop a Moorish tower—walking through the streets of Andalucía is as much a journey through time as it is across cultures. The performers’ dialogues off-stage and across genres can be felt in the original and improvisatory music arranged for Dibujos.


Sam Reider

Accordion & Composer

Mario Rincón

vocalist, percussionist, composer