Late night sound check with Yiyi, Gaspar, and Javier, qué pedazos de músicos! 

1. Hang up your costume, and even if someone says they’re going to hang it up for you, you’d better just do it yourself ASAP.

2. When you’re the new kid, but also in general, you’d better not make any mistakes.

3. Always bring your sunglasses. And extra underwear. Yep.

4. No one is going to tell you good job when you dance well, so you better just dance well for your own sake, not for the director, but for you.  It’s your job to dance spectacularly; enjoy every moment of it.

5. No matter what, keep a good attitude, always listen, and never make excuses.

6. Never say never or that something can’t be done. There’s a solution for everything.

7. Organization. Know where all your things are at all times.

8. If you’re not wherever you’re supposed to be 5 minutes early, then you’re late.  Unless we’re talking about the actual dancing, and then you’d better be precisely on time.

9. Be flexible. With your schedule and with your body 😛

Also, thank you to Patricia Dickinson and all my years growing up dancing in the NM Ballet Co. That probably prepared me better than anything else for this.  Especially how Patricia would charge us $5 if we so much as lost a hairpin on stage.  🙂

Late night lighting rehearsal at the Beckman theater at Cal Tech