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Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo

Today I went to the Contemporary Art Museum in Sevilla.  It’s pretty small and there’s nothing terribly famous, but I really like a lot of the works that are on display.  Also, since the museum wasn’t overwhelming, I was able to read all the descriptions of the works, which were very informative and interesting, and often poetic.  One read, “The title of these exhibits [Distant Marshes] may help us identify the reason which originates them:  the beauty of a unique moment, the true sensation when facing the landscape which only art can help retain.”

The museum is housed in what was once a monastery and tile factory.  It’s really interesting to see how the space has been converted into a museum–sometimes the remnants of the original tile decoration is side by side with the modern art, so you are constantly reminded of the contemporary art’s place in history.  It’s also just a beautiful setting, with large open halls and long hallways, and the original murals and tiles are as much a part of the expositions as the modern works.

Here are some pictures of my favorite works:

I loved the colors and the mix of geometric and squiggly lines. 

I loved how this is framed in this nook between
the old tiles.  

I thought it was neat to see the old tiles in the monastery’s
dining room juxtaposed with this piece…

This is one of the courtyards of the monastery.  
I took a walk through the very large orchard that surrounds the museum
at the end of my visit.  It was such a peaceful way to spend a Sunday morning!


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Alice Blumenfeld is a flamenco dancer, choreographer, writer, and educator. She holds a MFA in dance from Hollins University and currently directs Abrepaso Flamenco.

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