6 04, 2013

Hay que atreverse…

2018-01-11T20:38:35+00:00 have to be daring. Last night, I danced at La Peña Niño Alfalfa.  It's a cultural flamenco society located in the heart of Sevilla.  It's a place I often frequent to see other dancers and musicians; it's my favorite [...]

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31 03, 2013

Semana Santa


Jesus del Gran Poder, one of the most well-known figures of Chirst in Sevilla exiting the Cathedral during the procession in the wee hours of the morning on Good Friday.  Holy week in Sevilla is a big deal.  Actually, that's [...]

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10 03, 2013

More than halfway!


All the Fulbright Spain Scholars--English teaching assistants, graduate research scholars (that's me!), and senior scholars--on the steps of the University of Zaragoza.I'm in the second row, just behind the sign, between a girl in a yellow shirt and a man [...]

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10 03, 2013



Last week I saw three amazing flamenco shows.  It'd been a little while, actually way too long, since I'd spent the money on seeing such caliber of shows, and it was well worth every penny and then some....Seeing great flamenco [...]

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24 02, 2013

Alcalá de Guadaira…and some soleá


Alcalá de Guadaira is a town just outside of Sevilla.  I've been wanting to go there since the fall, when I learned to sing a specific song in flamenco from there, the Soleá de Alcalá.  There are many different types [...]

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3 02, 2013

Soooooooooo many ruffles!!!!!


This weekend I went to SIMOF ( Salon Internacional de Moda Flamenca).  These aren't flamenco dresses that flamenco dancers wear, but rather the dresses that Sevillan women wear the week of the Spring Feria.  At SIMOF, the designers showcase their [...]

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28 01, 2013

It’s been a little while….


The more and more I do in Spain, the harder it seems to become to write about it all....So here's a little bit of what I've been up to:Look at all that beautiful ham and cheese!Christmas Eve Dinner (Nochebuena):I went [...]

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31 12, 2012

Foreign Flamenco


When I first got to Sevilla, and people saw me dance at parties or wherever, they often were shocked to learn I'm American.  How on earth could an American learn to dance flamenco?  And with such 'aire.'  A group of [...]

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17 12, 2012



Give him alms, lady, since there is nothing in life like the sorrow of being blindin Granada.  This past weekend I went to Granada.  Wow.  There are no words, no photos, nothing--except maybe some of Lorca's poetry--that can possibly capture the beauty, [...]

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