20 04, 2013



The portada (entrance) to the Feria at night.  AMAZING!!!!!My bedroom growing up was decorated with vintage Feria de Abril posters, there were paper lanterns hanging on the ceiling, and lots of bright colors.  Now multiply that by about a gazillion [...]

12 04, 2013

Some thoughts on video and dance…


The availability of video changes dance.  It changes the way we learn, the way we remember, and even the way we dance. Are we all just youtube dancers nowadays, where the in-person experience no longer matters, where how we look [...]

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31 03, 2013

Semana Santa


Jesus del Gran Poder, one of the most well-known figures of Chirst in Sevilla exiting the Cathedral during the procession in the wee hours of the morning on Good Friday.  Holy week in Sevilla is a big deal.  Actually, that's [...]

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10 03, 2013

More than halfway!


All the Fulbright Spain Scholars--English teaching assistants, graduate research scholars (that's me!), and senior scholars--on the steps of the University of Zaragoza.I'm in the second row, just behind the sign, between a girl in a yellow shirt and a man [...]

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10 03, 2013



Last week I saw three amazing flamenco shows.  It'd been a little while, actually way too long, since I'd spent the money on seeing such caliber of shows, and it was well worth every penny and then some....Seeing great flamenco [...]